Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth generally erupt between the ages of 17 and 21. If these third molars come in properly, they do not require removal. In cases where there is not adequate room for them to erupt, they may come in sideways or at an angle in the jaw. These teeth are impacted and may partially emerge or remain completely below the gumline.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many problems, including infection, misalignment of the rest of the teeth, formation of tumors or cysts around the impacted teeth, and more.

Evaluation of Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Kelly or Dr. Reece will perform an oral examination and a panoramic x-ray to evaluate the current position of the teeth and decide whether extraction is necessary. Early evaluation and treatment result in the best patient outcomes.


In most cases, the extraction is performed with local anesthesia with the addition of IV anesthesia. All anesthesia options and their benefits/risks will be discussed with you prior to the procedure. After extraction, the gums are sutured. Gauze will be placed over the sutures, and you will be instructed to bite down on the gauze to stop any bleeding. We will ask you to rest in the office until you are ready to be driven home.

A postoperative kit with instructions, extra gauze, an ice pack, and a prescription for pain medication will be provided. The sutures dissolve, so no follow-up appointment is necessary.
Wisdom teeth removal diagram
Prior to surgery in our Grand Junction or Carbondale office, please review these instructions on our Surgical Instructions page. If you have any questions, please call 970-245-2222.

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